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Trainers – be sure you have assistants on board so arenas are not held — we will be unable to do so at this May show as we endeavor to text and keep everyone updated as to arena status. Have to keep things moving due to summer weather and large numbers of exhibitors at this May show. Make sure your riders know their courses and are ready to ride. 

Updated May 30-31 HSITP/Hunt Country @ Grand Oaks Class Schedule and COVID 19 guidelines: 2020HUNTCOUNTRYCLASS SCHEDULE MAY24


The May 30-31 show is now closed for entries .   Class counts and your class entries are posted now at Changes to entries may be made to Gayle Witty at and/or texted to 352-406-9886

The class schedule and entry form for the Grand Oaks “Simply Schooling” show June 6-7 is posted for this fun show with lower entry fees… NOW :  2020 Grand Oaks Simply Schooling PrizelistJUNE Many of the divisions are  pointed for year end award with the Grand Oaks series. For that show Saturday will see Hunters and Novice classes, and we’ll use the Covered Arena for Equitation Medals and Jumpers on Sunday!!!  If we get a boatload of entries we’ll add an arena.  There will be plenty of stabling, and it should be a very relaxed show to put some mileage on the greenies and blow the dust off the walk trotters.   This will be a smaller show than the May show, so we can also use the normal on line registration for entry, as long as you bring the signed waiver with you and promise to wait in line 6′ apart.   Those exhibitors attending the June 6-7 show in addition to the May 30-31 show will receive a $10 discount.  The Class Schedule  also contains the entry form.

Added HSITP New Smyrna Show Class Schedule and Entry Form: 2020 New Smyrna PrizelistJUNE

Added Class Specifications and Award Info: 2020HSITP&HuntCountryClass&AwardSpecs

Year End Points Status: (currently under update a bit to reflect corrections)

Jumper:2020 Divisional Jumper Points JW FEB 29-MAR 1 (1)

Novice:2020 NOVICE Points – Grand Oaks JW FEB 29-MAR 1

Hunter/Equitation:2020 Divisional Grand Oaks Hunter Equitation Points JW FEB 29-MAR1

May 30-31 hard copy entry form is now HERE: HuntCountryEntryBlank2020rev1 that we have to use for this May show so as to accomodate the required credit card info, “contactless check in”  and adjusted waiver for COVID 19.  Please note updated COVID 19 guidelines in the prize list below, to include the requirement now for masks or bandannas worn by all attendees including staff, at this show if you may find yourself within 6′ of any other.  In addition, all HSITP Staff will be required to pass a temperature check prior to reporting to their duties each morning.  This is due to Grand Oaks holding a USEF license as an USEF  Elite Training Facility and they are required to adhere to the USEF COVID 19 guidelines. Masks or bandanna facial covering are the order of the day now……Let’s all get through this first show, allow USEF to start shows on Monday June 1 and hopefully they will relax the mask requirement soon thereafter.  Masks or bandannas are not required of riders when mounted. 

I’m sure Walk Trotters and Novice Jumpers are wondering why they are now located way over in the grass Racetrack Arena for this show, but it’s due to our trying to “spread out the activity” so we aren’t so congested in that middle fiber arena area as it often became when we were running the two rings side by side. Remember  only trainer and rider within 50 ft of any ingate.    as we try and communicate divisions start times via Facebook and texting and possibly Twitter if Jeanne can figure Twitter out…..She just established a horseshow Twitter Account called #HSITPHORSESHOWS.  

The entry process is far more detailed and important now.  This is a closed show due to the complete entry process being done before arrival  and we can’t accept horses that just show up day of show. The on line entry tool is not configured for credit card info yet so we have to request hard copies completed and signed/scanned and emailed. (just like we do for the annual banquet) No mailed entries.    A USEF recommendation, this way we’re limiting the paper contact with the show office and time spent in lines six feet apart….Please read all the fine print on the entry form and know the requirements.

If your entry is not complete with class numbers, coggins date/accession number and credit card info than no stall issued or classes keyed. If we have to keep doing entries this way after the May show Jeanne may come up with a way to give each person a $5 credit for a complete, accurate entry!!!!

This first show is closed to the general public.  This is not the show at this time to bring the five friends,  aunts and uncles and neighbors to watch….it’s a first time after shutdown “let’s get back to horseshowing” and “do it while maintaining responsible social distance” type of experience that will be new to all of us!! We’re hoping as the summer progresses we can get back to a more normal type of showing experience for all, staff included. Let’s work together to  make this happen, so we can keep showing and having fun! As we can prove we can do it properly, we’ll work in some really fun things to do at the “Battle of the Barns” and subsequent shows (to make up for the missed “Derby Days” too!1)  To do this right will take everyone’s patience, creativity, good humour, and commitment to safety and personal space.

 Due to COVID 19 The show office is unable to accept entry forms at the show, and will be handling 90% of all customer interaction electronically or by text/phone and all exhibitors must be pre registered as this is a closed event.   Checkout is done electronically and a pdf sent to the email provided on the entry. The show secretary will not process incomplete entries nor chase down customers for information. Please, take your time and make sure everything is noted on the form before you send it. Note only those classes you truly plan on competing in as there are now add and scratch fees levied after Tuesday at 8. 

We have also added an additional Grand Oaks show  July 18-19 and New Smyrna shows on June 20,21; August 22, 23 and October 17,18.  These dates will assist in making up for dates missed.

All shows until October 15 are now polo shirt/no jackets/no braiding allowed shows…unless by specific request due to sales photos being taken.

HSITP’s dedicated staff are committed to providing the same high quality, fun and competitive horse shows that all have come to expect… but know that all can not remain the same this year nor next., until a more permanent solution is provided in the future with regard to the health of our exhibitors, staff and families.  We are using the creativity of our staff, experts within the horse show industry and the power of technology and innovation to keep our shows at or above the same excellant standard our riders and families have come to expect….

Show Dates for Grand Oaks HSITP/Hunt Country:

  • May 30, 31  with possibility of “Simply Schooling” show June 6-7 if the May show sells out.
  • June 26-28 “Battle of the Barns” with a golf tournament for the Dads & Moms…all points count!!!!
  • July 18-19
  • August 1,2
  • October 3,4
  • October 30-November 1 “Halloween Howl at the Moon”
  • November 13-15 Championship**–All Divisions offered, open to all, and Double Pointed for Year End Award.  Specific tightened qualifying criteria for Championship Classes in 2020… You must be in the top 10 after the October 31 show to compete in the Championship classes!!


AT GRAND OAKS STALLS ARE NOW RESERVED ONLY WITH ACTUAL COMPLETE ENTRIES INCLUDING SIGNED WAIVERS, CLASS NUMBERS AND CREDIT CARD INFO. …so be sure and get them in by the SUNDAY before the show if you know you’re coming so you don’t get closed out.  Stalls will be assigned the Monday morning before the show given the complete entries we’ve received .   We have access to the wonderful FEI tent stabling also and the configuration  changed so the large wonderful stalls face outward. A signed, scanned and electronically sent entry form with credit card information will now required to enter the show.  (You can still substitute a check or cash at the show if you want to  do so)  The show office, located on the porch outside the Pavillion barn,  will only serve one client at a time per show secretary and prizes/ribbons will also be outside on the porch area. The more you have completed and submitted electronically prior to the show the better!!   Please look at the class schedule and indicate the class numbers you plan on entering.  If you have a stall, your entries must total a minimum of $50 per day or the difference will be added in the show office.  Entries without class numbers, rider or parental signatures and credit card info are not a valid nor complete entry and stalls will not be issued.

In 2020, at Grand Oaks mandatory security nightwatch through Noble Nightwatch (lic vet tech)  is in effect @ $5. per night unless show notifies otherwise. All horses/ponies will be monitored at minimum every 2 hours, night and morning feeding services also available at additional charge.  You can call Noble Nightwatch also at  727-804-1694 to arrange for additional services as well such as morning feeding.

psst, don’t forget to rent your cottages and golf carts now for 2020!!!  Lori’s number with Grand Oaks is 352-750-5500, ext 231.  New cottages are open and you’ll want to get on the list!!!

RENTALS/RVS/VILLAS: CALL GRAND OAKS DIRECTLY AT 352-750-5500 EXT 231.  The Horse Show Office does not rent golf carts.

300+ Acre Luxurious Estate—Catering to Equestrians and their Families….HUGE COVERED ARENA…3 GGT FIBER ARENAS…

Quality Stabling — Homes/Villas — Golf Cart Rentals — Day Spa/Salon

Restaurant/Cafe — English Pub/Restaurant — Live Entertainment

60 Full Service RV Sites — Pool for registered guests

Local hotels within 4 miles, and very nice, reasonable.  Also – don’t forget Airbnb – lots of good deals there in The Villages, some with a pool, all reasonably priced.




Class Schedule and Entry Form: 2020 New Smyrna PrizelistJUNE

 Fun, low cost and laid back…due to anticipated show size we have pushed some classes onto Friday late afternoon evening….COVID 19 Guidelines are on page 2


      June 20-21       July 11,12     August 22,23      October 17-18        Sept 19,20              November 7,8      Dec. 4, 5,6**Double Pointed “Holidays with Horses” Finals Show with Year End Awards!!

Join HSITP at a nice covered arena with 100 stalls for a fun, low key one arena schooling show. This is an HSITP show, with HSITP jumps, courses and staff, pointed separately  from the Grand Oaks series.   The Show is located in New Smyrna Beach just off I-95 and convenient to good quality hotels in Port Orange. 26 30amp RV hookups/no sewer.  Perfect for the greenies, novice riders and those wanting some additional mileage getting ready for larger shows. Financially reasonable, casual, no ring conflicts and the schooling series is separate from the shows at Grand Oaks with  100 quality permanent stalls available.   Hunters, Novice, Equitation, Schooling classes and Sunday Jumper classes all day offered.