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First Place and Champion Awards

Each Show: Horse Shows in the Park provides their riders with an outstanding quality and selection of awards, ribbons and prizes throughout the year. At Grand Oaks, provided there are 4 riders in a class, winners get to choose in the show office from an array of prizes for first place.  Medal and Classic winners at both show circuits receive special ribbons and first place prizes. ACEA/Canterbury High Point Champion winners receive a prize with their ribbon.  All  High Point winners receive large and beautiful ribbons.

In 2022  Grand Oaks Highest point earners in the divisions listed  below will be eligible to  receive a Year End Champion and Reserve award and eight ribbons  at the  annual Year End Awards Banquet in December, provided they have shown in that division a minimum of  times as specified on the point standings (each day shown is one show day) during the show year.  Ties for year end are broken by the highest number of days shown or the most points won over fences.  Look for exciting updated prize eligibility info in 2023!!!



note…this information is for the 2022 show year…look for some exciting expanded prize criteria to be released for 2023 to be announced at the banquet and released for 2023!!!

All classes in the horse shows at Grand Oaks and ACEA / Canterbury  count, including Medals and Classics and excluding $ classes.

Carrington Aylor Perpetual High Point Hunter Award—a stunning engraved bronze inscribed with the horse and owner’s name of the hunter with the most points earned in hunter divisions 2’3” and over including all hunter classics at all HSITP shows. . Award is housed in the glass case at Grand Oaks with significant keepsake award to winner. Derbies/special designated hunter classics  to count. Champ/Reserve engraved awards w/ 8 Ribbons.

High Point Perpetual Jumper Award—This engraved marble award is inscribed with the owner’s and horse’s name who has earned the most points at HSITP shows during the show year   in any jumper class 2’ or higher, excluding $ classes, Classics, add-backs, Mini Prix’s  . Award is housed in the glass case at Grand Oaks and significant keepsake award to winner.  Champion/Reserve  awarded with 8 Ribbons.

The John F. Payne Perpetual High Point Hunter Pony Award—Beautiful pewter platter engraved and provided for one year to the owner of the pony who has earned the most points during the show year in the Hunter and Derby arenas @ 2’ or higher  in 2019. Derbies to count and any special designated hunter classics.  Award to Champion, 8 ribbons awarded.

The  Amateur High Point Junior (17 & Under)  and Adult (18 & Over) Rider of the Year TWO significant awards provided to the amateur riders in each age category  from all HSITP shows in 2022 who have earned the most points in all classes  entered with any horse or pony excluding $ classes, Novice Arena divisions, Pea Green and Novice Jumper.   Award to Champion and Reserve, 8 ribbons awarded in each category

The  Professional High Point Rider of the Year—provided to the professional rider who has earned the most points in all arenas at all HSITP shows excluding $ classes

The High Point Trainer Award – provided to the Trainer whose riders have the most points at all HSITP shows in 2022.

The “Weston Cup” is a large silver cup engraved with the name and owner of the horse or pony who has the highest cumulative points collected during the show year in the Hunter Derbies at the Hunt Country Horse Shows at The Grand Oaks.  Award housed at Grand Oaks in the glass case and keepsake silver cup awarded to winner and 8 ribbons at the Annual Awards Banquet.

The Kimberden Cup—Engraved  Silver Award—provided to the highest points earned in Equitation at 2’3” and higher (small/medium ponies included) during the show year  including  SEMF Medal Classes and Jumper Eq classes.  Rider’s name inscribed on base and trophy housed in the awards case at Grand Oaks. Separate significant keepsake award to rider.

The Hunt Country High Point Thoroughbred Award presented to the Year End High Point Champion and Reserve Champion Thoroughbred horse who has the most points of any Thoroughbred in the HSITP Shows, including competition in all arenas, $ classes not to count.  Horse and Owner’s name to be placed permanently on the award in the awards case at Grand Oaks. Separate keepsake awards to Champion and Reserve.

Points are tracked and shown at under “standings”.  Overall awards are a surprise at the year end banquet, but divisional points are posted after each show. 

Points are tracked and shown at under “standings”

The R. Carrington Aylor Perpetual High Point Hunter Award


The Perpetual High Point JumperAward :


 The John F Payne Perpetual High Point Pony Award   


The HSITP High Point Amateur and Junior Rider of the Year -We have provided tack trunks to the lucky winners in the past!!

The HSITP High Point Novice Rider of the Year at Grand Oaks:  


The HSITP High Point Professional Rider of the Year-prize in 2021







052sHorse Shows in the Park, LLC is eagerly awaiting the awards presentations to recognize the talent and hard work shown by our riders throughout the 2020 show year. Come and enjoy the company of our good friends and fellow riders.

Questions? Email the show secretary at or call us at 321-693-5551. We hope to make this awards opportunity a magical and meaningful experience for all of our HSITP riders and families…

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