First Place and Champion Awards

Each Show: Horse Shows in the Park provides their riders with an outstanding quality and selection of awards, ribbons and prizes throughout the year. Provided there are 4 riders in a class, winners get to choose in the show office from an array of prizes for first place. Marshall and Sterling, SEMF and USHJA class winners receive special ribbons and first place prizes. Daily High Point winners receive large and beautiful ribbons.

In 2018 there is one show circuit for year end award including all shows at all locations.  Highest point earners in the divisions listed  below will be eligible to  receive a Year End Champion and Reserve award and eight ribbons  at the annual Year End Awards Banquet in December, provided they have shown in that division a minimum of 4 times (each day shown is one show day) during the show year.


 Local Hunter
Performance Hunter
Children’s Hunter

Adult Hunter

Children’s Equitation

Adult Equitation

Low Children’s Hunter

Low Adult Hunter

Low Children’s Equitation

Low Adult Hunter

Modified Hunter
Modified Hunter Rider Equitation
Training Hunter
Children’s Pony  Hunter  (sm/med and large)
Children’s Pony Equitation (sm/med and large)
Training Hunter
Thoroughbred Hunter
Pleasure Horse/Pony
Open Cross Rails Hunter
Schooling Hunter

Additional Year End Awards to be awarded to the high point winners in each Hunter Classic and Equitation Medal and USHJA Outreach Jumper classes by fence height.  All USHJA, Marshall & Sterling and SEMF qualifiers to count for Equitation Medal and Hunter Classic awards


Pea Green Jumper (includes the Eq Class)
Novice Jumper (includes the Eq Class)
Training Jumper
Schooling Jumper
Hopeful Jumper
Pre-Children’s/Adult Jumper (inc. new Eq Class)
Low Childs/Adult Jumper
.85m Jumper
.95m Jumper
.95m Childs/Adult Jumper (inc. new Eq Class)
1m Jumper
1m Low Child’s/Adult  Jumper
1.10m Jumper
1.10m High Childs/Adult Jumper
1.15m—1.30m Open Jumper


Walk Trot 9 Under
Walk Trot 10 Up
Walk Trot Crossrails
Novice Crossrails
Equitation W/T/C and the new USHJA W/T/C Medal Class
Short Stirrups Hunter Rider (12 under)
Short Stirrups Equitation (12 under)

Long Stirrups Hunter Rider (13 over)

Long Stirrups Equitation (13 over)

Intermediate Hunter Rider
Intermediate Rider Equitation
Pea Green Jumper
Novice Jumper

The High Point Novice Rider of the Year– Awards given  in 2018 to Grand and Reserve through 10th place to the Riders who have earned the most points during the show year at all locations in the classes held in the Novice arena ie; Walk, Walk Trot, Walk Trot Cross Rails, Academy Equitation, Novice Cross Rails,  Short and Long Stirrups, Intermediate  Rider  including all Novice Arena Medal classes and Hunter Classics as well as  Pea Green Jumper and Novice Jumper


All classes in the horse show count, excluding $ classes.

Carrington Aylor Perpetual High Point Hunter Award—a stunning engraved bronze inscribed with the horse and owner’s name of the hunter with the most points earned in hunter divisions 2’3” and over including all hunter classics . Award is housed in the glass case at Grand Oaks with significant keepsake award to winner. Derbies/special designated hunter classics  to count. Champ/Reserve engraved awards w/ 8 Ribbons.

High Point Perpetual Jumper Award—This engraved marble award is inscribed with the owner’s and horse’s name who has earned the most points during the show year  in any jumper class 2’ or higher, excluding $ classes, Classics, add-backs, Mini Prix’s  . Award is housed in the glass case at Grand Oaks and significant keepsake award to winner.  Champion/Reserve  awarded with 8 Ribbons.

The John F. Payne Perpetual High Point Hunter Pony Award—Beautiful pewter platter engraved and provided for one year to the owner of the pony who has earned the most points during the show year in the Hunter and Derby arenas @ 2’ or higher  in 2018. Derbies to count and any special designated hunter classics.  Award to Champion, 8 ribbons awarded.

The  Amateur High Point Junior (17 & Under)  and Adult (18 & Over) Rider of the Yearin 2018 TWO significant awards provided to the amateur riders in each age category who have earned the most points in all classes  entered with any horse or pony excluding $ classes, Novice Arena divisions, Pea Green and Novice Jumper.   Award to Champion and Reserve, 8 ribbons awarded in each category

The  Professional High Point Rider of the Year—provided to the professional rider who has earned the most points in all arenas excluding $ classes

The “Weston Cup” is a large silver cup engraved with the name and owner of the horse or pony who has the highest cumulative points collected during the show year in the Hunter Derbies at the Hunt Country Horse Shows at The Grand Oaks.  Award housed at Grand Oaks in the glass case and keepsake silver cup awarded to winner and 8 ribbons at the Annual Awards Banquet.

The Kimberden Cup—Engraved  Silver Award—provided to the highest points earned in Equitation at 2’3” and higher (small/medium ponies included) during the show year including MSterling, SEMF and USHJA Medal Classes and Jumper Eq classes.  Rider’s name inscribed on base and trophy housed in the awards case at Grand Oaks. Separate significant keepsake award to rider.

The Hunt Country High Point Thoroughbred Award presented to the Year End High Point Champion and Reserve Champion Thoroughbred horse who has the most points of any Thoroughbred in the show series, including competition in all arenas, $ classes not to count.  Horse and Owner’s name to be placed permanently on the award in the awards case at Grand Oaks. Separate keepsake awards to Champion and Reserve.


Points are tracked and shown at www.horseshowsinthepark.con under “standings”









Points are tracked and shown at www.horseshowsinthepark.con under “standings”

The R. Carrington Aylor Perpetual High Point Hunter Award


The Perpetual High Point JumperAward :


 The John F Payne Perpetual High Point Pony Award  is a beautiful pewter platter engraved and provided for one year to the owner of the pony who has earned the post points during the show year in the Hunter arenas @ 2′ or higher excluding MSterling/SE Eq Medal classes. Derbies to count.  Award to Champion, 8 ribbons awarded.  


The HSITP High Point Amateur Rider of the Year – A Beautiful Oak Croft Tack Trunk in 2016!!!

The HSITP High Point Novice Rider of the Year:  


The HSITP High Point Professional Rider of the Year


The Weston Cup has awards provided each horse show by Team Weston!!

Weston Cup Items



HSITP Annual Year End Awards Banquet–Saturday December 9 at The Grand Oaks in the Museum and Ballroom

059Each year, HSITP Riders and their families gather in December to enjoy an elegant evening of awards, recognition, cameraderie and friendship at HSITP’s Annual Awards Banquet and Dinner Dance. .as Jeanne and her staff have already begun to plan it even before the year began…. . – the candles will be lit and ready for our riders to enjoy a wonderful evening. The tables will dazzle with awards and huge ribbons and our new Year End Awards and Perpetual Awards will be on display for all 045to see.

The 2017 Annual Awards Banquet and Dinner Dance will be held on Saturday evening December 9, beginning at 5:30 pm .at the Grand Oaks Resort.  Book hotel rooms there on site at 352-750-5500… book stabling and you can even bring your horses along too!

052sHorse Shows in the Park, LLC is eagerly awaiting this special night to recognize the talent and hard work shown by our riders throughout the 2017 show year. Come, enjoy, and dance the night away as we enjoy the company of our good friends and fellow riders.

Questions? Email the show secretary at or call us at 321-693-5551. We hope to make this a magical and meaningful evening for all of our HSITP riders and families…

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